a letter to manic pixie dream girls
printed media

Using Emma’s Dunder paper, “ The Manic Pixie Dream Girls in John Green’s Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns”, I used a exerpt that break down how the MPDG is a repackaged version of the caregiver stereotype towards women and how it relates to Postfeminist ideologies and the two novels. The print piece means to represent the concept of idolized vs reality and how the male lead views the MPDG. With the colourful dreamlike illustrations representing the idolized self of the MPDG, the text means to represent the real self of the MPDG and how it's clouded by the idealized self. Through tearing away layers to obstruct the illustration and text slowly reveals itself as a way of representing the MPDG as more then just a caregiver and quirky romantic interest that the male lead chases after, but instead her own person with her own goals.